Managers Ready for a Promotion

February 4, 2017

Matthew 25:29

Pastor Stevven Silva


A Hunger for God

January 28, 2017

When we are in the presence of God we are filled with spiritual food and are content.  We fast in order to spiritually renew our Hunger for God's presince in our lives.

Matthew 9:14


Pastor Steven Silva


Loved in a Solitary Place

January 21, 2017

The Voice Of God

January 14, 2017

Jermaine Gayle


Changing a disappointing and disappointed Life

January 7, 2017

Pastor Steven Silva

Luke 13: 6-9


The Lyrics of Christmas: The Angel’s Song

December 24, 2016

Pastor Steven Silva

Luke 2:17-20


The Lyrics of Christmas: Simeon’s Song

December 17, 2016

Pastor Jermaine Gayle

Luke 2:25-30


The Lyrics of Christmas - Zechariah’s Song

December 10, 2016

Why doesn't God always answer prayer immediately? Why does it seem like He is holding out? Learn how an "advanced in age" man of the Bible had to deal with similar circumstances, and how God worked it out in the end!


The lyrics of Christmas: Mary’s Song

December 3, 2016

The God of the Universe is a Humble God, He wants us to recognize the importance and significance that the birth of His Son Jesus Christ as a testament of His character.  As christians we should try to draw closer to Him as this christmas season is upon us.


Matthew 1:23


Pastor Steven Silva


Always Rejoice

November 26, 2016

We've heard so frequently the importance of rejoicing always. But what does that look like? What does it really mean? How will your life be different if you are "always rejoicing?" Through illustrations, Scripture, and practical advice, we look into how this change in mentality affects us!